2 aa led flashlight tactical


But, any of these would be a great for law enforcement as a backup to larger handheld or pistol .So when you are looking for the best we need to understand that it will not compete with the strength and size of other but we can come close.


ThorFire TG06 . $$ 72. UltraFire® Torch Adjustable Focus. $ 66.

3. Nitecore MTA – Best . 4. Energizer High-Intensity – High Strength Aluminum . 5. Fenix E12 – Smallest . 6. J5 V1-PRO – Compact Design.

Product Detail: Designation: Hard Case Swivel . Model: HCTGAA Color: Military Sand and Green Power Source: Two “” ANSI/NEDA: 15-LF or 15 Lamp: One High Performance White .





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