2 25000 lumens led flashlight


TR-3T6 with 3 x Cree® 3800 for hunting, camping, searching, hiking,etc.

8000 Diver T…

A visual inspection revealed the to be a Cree XP-G. The output was a nice pleasing color. Visually, but unscientific, it puts out the same amount of as my other 200 .

300 (-Pack). Product Overview. This fitted with a high-power Cree chips to produce an extra brightness in the darkness. This improved battery efficiency, generates less heat, and higher brightness.





Acebeam X80 Searchlight – 25000 Lumens [ACEX80] – $399 …

Over 150W Equivalent 10000 – 25000 Lumens Compact …

Projectors, Lamps, Screens – Focused Technology

Ironton Halogen Worklight — 500 Watts, 8000 Lumens …

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